The Power Of Delegation

Yesterday I had some delivery guys from Best Buy carry a new clothes washing machine I recently purchased up to my 2nd floor where the laundry closet it. It felt great, because neither myself or Kris needed to lift a thing other than a credit card out of my wallet and a pen to sign my name.

We moved relatively recently from a condo to a townhouse. In our youthful stubbornness, we decided we could handle the move ourselves without any outside help, excluding her parents helping us with organizing and packing up the kitchen and clothes. In other words, we we were going to tackle the big and heavy stuff ourselves. That worked out alright, effort wise, for the beds and a few random smaller pieces of furniture. It was not quite as nice for the bigger things. We nearly broke Kristin's back carrying up our couch and one of the chests we have. I myself was dog tired and lost productivity for the Sunday/Monday that we moved. But we got the job done without paying a single mover a dine.

What was the net amount of money kept after doing the job ourselves? In hindsight, probably -$400.

Despite my former college football player frame that might be conducive to manual labor (read: lifting heavy stuff), I make my living as a software engineer - a job that only requires mental lifting. I get paid to produce what my mind tells my fingers to type. Considering that particular line of work requires me to 1) stay constantly abreast of what is happening in the industry 2) learning new skills almost daily and 3) work on current projects, every minute of my time that I can spend or every ounce of energy that I can conserve in order to do one of those three things carries monetary value. In hindsight, it would have been a hell of a lot easier to just pay movers to handle all of that big stuff while I geeked away at my machine or reading a book.

The old me would have probably tried to find a way to pick up my new washing machineand carry it in myself, based on some stubborn pride and inkling that I could save some money. Instead, I let the movers tote it in, for about half the cost that my hourly wage would probably be were I earning one, whilst I worked away yesterday afternoon staying focused on my task.

Delegation is a beautiful thing, and something I need to learn to do more often.

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James Hogan said...

you dummy. don't you know god put me on this earth to help my friends move? and it was from a second floor walkup to boot! (usually all my friends live on the third floor.) if i had a dollar for every time i helped austin (old WCU roomie) move, i'd have probably four bucks by now.

hey--had brunch this weekend with brian meyers, who played football at western when we were there. do you remember him? somehow he wound up marrying a girl kelly and i knew from high school (whose name was also kelly williams).